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Robert Daniel Nagy and I have started our own design studio.

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A few weeks ago I received this Copenhagen city guide from Viction:ary. I've contributed with my best tips on Copenhagen, together with friends and colleagues from the Danish creative industry. Get one and find out where my favourite place for herring and schnapps is!

Available online and in various book stores around the world.

Nord Pool is Europe's leading power market and offers trading, clearing, settlement and associated services in both day-ahead and intraday markets across nine European countries.

In collaboration with Kontrapunkt, I designed Nord Pool's new Corporate Visual Identity.

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EDC Mobilmægler (Danish) – is a service app by Denmarks largest real estate agent. A digital tool for iPad and iPhone that give EDC agents the possibility of working smarter and more efficient On The Go. The app grants access to all relevant papers, presentations and tools to service the customer, making the time with piles of papers in the trunk of the car past history.

The app concept was developed by J. Walter Thompson Copenhagen, where I as the Lead Designer led the Design Process and defined the Digital Design Language of both this app and other future apps.

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